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Life Care Solutions is among the top NDIS registered providers in Melbourne providing high-quality NDIS disability services. We’ve always had the goal of offering NDIS support services that are personalised to each individual’s needs, allowing them to be as comfortable and independent as possible. Our team has dedicated support workers who are qualified professionals in the field.

The Importance of NDIS Disability Support Services

NDIS Disability support services are helpful for individuals with mental or physical disabilities helping them experience a fulfilling life. With our support, it enables NDIS participants to achieve their goals and aspirations. There are a number of reasons essential disability care services are so crucial for our society:

  • Creation of jobs: The demand for disability support services has emerged as an entire sector, employing doctors, therapists, nurses, and other professionals. Not only do these professions open up a variety of job opportunities but also allow better access to NDIS participants for all the services that they require.
  • Quality services: All NDIS disability support service providers have to adhere to government funding plans that assures each supplier adheres to certain standards of service. Thus, fewer people will have to put up with subpar services as they have access to quality NDIS registered providers who meet the set quality benchmarks.
  • Great support system for NDIS participants: Individuals with disabilities can now work in diverse jobs, productively contributing to society and accomplishing their dreams. Employers are making the workplace more accessible to ensure greater ease for NDIS participants. Disability support services are critical to assist participants in developing skills and behaviours that will help them succeed in the workplace.

What do Life Care Solutions do?

Life Care Solutions provides high-quality NDIS services in Melbourne to improve the quality of life for individuals with a disability. With the support of our reliable team, you can focus your attention on your goals and dreams.

  • Community Time
  • Household Duties
  • The stages of life
  • Employment help
  • Care for nurses
  • Personal activities
  • Activities related to religion
  • Care for men and women of the same Gender
  • Transport
  • Development of skills
  • STAA

Why choose us for NDIS Service Provider in Melbourne?

Life Care Solutions is a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne. Each member of our support team has a federal police clearance or an NDIS Worker Screen Check as well as a Working with Children Check. Here are some reasons for choosing Life Care Solutions:

  • Qualified support workers
  • Registered NDIS provider
  • Variety of NDIS services
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Affordable prices


If you are looking for reliable NDIS disability services, we can help you live more independently by providing a customised support plan. Whether you need assistance in keeping your home clean or preparing your meals every day, need a ride to your doctor’s appointment, or want to boost your community participation and visit the other people, our team is here to help! We’ll be able to work with you to help you reach your overall goals using your NDIS support in Melbourne as a guide! Reach out to our friendly support team to know more about our services today!

Are you Looking for Support Work?

At Life Care Solutions, we are always searching for individuals who are dedicated and passionate about helping NDIS participants live fulfilling life. To join our team, call us on 1300 070 333 or drop us an email at info@lifecares.com.au.

NDIS Eligibility
Are you Eligible for NDIS

NDIS Eligibility

  • Must be 7 to 65 years old
  • Must possess Australian Permanent Residence or Australian Citizenship or holds special category visa
  • Dependent on other person due to a permanent and significant disability
  • Have been accessing special equipment regularly due to a permanent and significant disability
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Looking for Support Work?

We are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join the Life Care team of experienced care staff and disability supporters. Our mission is to go above and beyond to deliver A Higher Standard of Care and nothing less.

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NDIS Support Work
NDIS Support Work

Looking for Support Work?

We are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join the Life Care team of experienced care staff and disability supporters. Our mission is to go above and beyond to deliver A Higher Standard of Care and nothing less.

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    Desert Rose
    Desert Rose
    Very good people who are always try to help.
    Modern Design
    Modern Design
    Really blessed to have found these guys. It was very stressful finding a provider who wants to help me and these guys have gone above and beyond for me and my family. Looking after a loved one who is disabled is not easy, and these guys have been there for me always. The support workers from life care solutions are amazing as well and such a great help. If you need support I highly recommend these guys. 5 stars!
    Kareem El Attar
    Kareem El Attar
    Extremely happy with my experience with life care solutions great team with high attention to details and requests all attended to promptly. Very easy to deal with, definitely recommend them to everyone
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