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One of the main goals of Life Care Solutions is to provide disability services that support NDIS participants to lead more meaningful lives and achieve their dreams. At our centre, we offer a variety of NDIS services that promote independence and advancement in a welcoming and safe environment. As a Melbourne-based NDIS service provider, we are committed to putting your needs first. Your preferences and ambitions are the driving force behind our enthusiasm and passion. Each participant can expect a welcoming, non-discriminatory workplace where they have access to opportunities to enhance their skills which increases their independence, and helps in advancing towards their goals. Our team achieves this by offering customised support around the clock, 365 days a year. We adhere to strict NDIS guidelines to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

About Life Care Solutions

Life Care Solutions Values:

As a licensed NDIS provider, Life Care Solutions is dedicated to giving you personalised assistance:

  • Respectful and Safe environment:
    Our friendly support workers are here to listen to what you have to say. We value your individuality and urge you to express yourself freely.
  • Reliable:
    We are reliable, honest, and true to what we’ve promised you. Our team will always strive to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Privacy:
    Confidentiality is crucial to us, and we take the matter very seriously. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Customised assistance:
    We always ensure that we include the preferences and goals of our participants before formulating a plan.

Standards and Services

To improve the life experience of individuals with disabilities, Life Care Solutions strives to encourage them in becoming more active members of their local communities. Our team can help you by offering the following services:

  • Community Participation:
    We put a lot of focus on getting participants involved in their communities to enhance their social skills and help them in networking with different people.
  • Meal Prep and Food Requirements:
    Life Care Solutions ensure that all our clients’ dietary preferences and needs are met. Our support workers can also help in meal preparation as well as grocery shopping.
  • Household Tasks:
    We have a range of home maintenance services to help you keep your home tidy and free of clutter.
  • Assistance with Employment:
    Our team can help you find a career you’ll enjoy. Moreover, we also offer outstanding assistance in building a variety of skills that can help make functioning in the workplace much easier.

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

Whether you need to take a well-deserved break or require a change of accommodation for some time, we offer support at home or at our centre.

In addition to this, we provide:

  • Nursing care
  • Personal activities
  • Same gender care
  • Travel and transport
  • Improvement of abilities

We want you to tell us about our services as our team always appreciates your feedback. If you have a question or comment about any of the services we offer, please feel free to call us on 1300 070 333 or email us at info@lifecares.com.au!

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Value for Life

Get the most out of your NDIS funds

  • Check on your plan regularly and ensure you are spending your NDIS budget correctly
  • Make the most of your NDIS Plan with budget management. It can leave you with extra money in your budget
  • Be transparent and discuss what you want to achieve so that your on the same page about your goals and the funding required to achieve those goals
  • Review your plan and know what goals you have achieved and what is left to be achieved.

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We are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join the Life Care team of experienced care staff and disability supporters. Our mission is to go above and beyond to deliver A Higher Standard of Care and nothing less.

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