NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) in Melbourne

In today’s busy times, our loved ones can’t be with us all the time. Individuals with disabilities need extra care and attention. That is where we come in. At Life Care Solutions, we have a dedicated team of support workers at our centres to assist our clients across Melbourne. Under the NDIS program, our support staff takes time to customise unique plans to help people with disabilities and get the care they require when they are in terrible situations. When an individual gets sick, or other unpleasant circumstances arise, you can depend on us to get professional help around-the-clock. The Medium-Term Accommodation plan is beneficial for NDIS participants as it is an option that lasts a little longer than most accommodation alternatives.

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation

What is Medium Term Accommodation?

There is no need to spend time in an accommodation that feels uncomfortable. With Life Care Solutions, NDIS participants can stay with us upto 90 days in Melbourne with quality services offered by our experts. Medium Term Accommodation NDIS is a good choice for people with disabilities looking for quality NDIS assistance.

What is Included in Our Medium Term Accommodation Service?

Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA NDIS) gives NDIS participants a safe temporary housing solution for up to three months. This time period could be longer if your situation changes. If you’re having your house changed or are on a waiting list for Specialist Disability Accommodation, this is the perfect option. Medium term accommodation is a transitional disability housing support meant to help a person with a disability. NDIS participants can also get the help they need to move into their long-term housing solution.

At Life Care Solutions, our NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) includes:

  • Reliable accommodation
  • NDIS-funded support services, like assistive technology, assistance with daily living, and community access supports
  • Qualified support workers
  • Medical supervision
  • A well-planned diet based on client requirements


Most people stay in medium-term housing for up to 90 days. In this case, when you opt for NDIS Medium Term Accommodation with us, you are asked to pay for the cost of where you visit while you are here. As one of the top Medium Term Accommodation Providers in Melbourne, our support staff has made unique plans to help individuals with disabilities get access to the care they need when they are terrible and require help.


What is MTA NDIS service or Medium-Term Accommodation?

Medium Term Accommodation covers the accommodation cost for up to 90 days. It is important to keep in mind that this doesn’t include day-to-day living costs or any personal care support.

What is MTA funding?

The MTA pays for a short-term housing solution while people are waiting to move into long-term housing. MTA funding is included in the Core Budget of the NDIS plan. This means that people with disabilities can use their money as they see fit and use that funds right away to pay for MTA homes.

How long is medium-term accommodation under NDIS?

Medium Term Accommodation offers accommodation for 90 days. It only covers the individual’s accommodation cost of where they stay. It doesn’t incorporate day-to-day living expenditures and any personal care aid.

How does short-term housing work?

Most people stay in medium-term housing for up to 90 days or roughly 3 months. In this case, Medium Term Accommodation only pays for the cost of where you visit while you are there. Aspects such as food, the internet, or electricity are not included, so it is best to clarify this point with the service provider. Moreover, Medium Term Accommodation doesn’t come with any personal care aids.

Value for Life

Get the most out of your NDIS funds

  • Check on your plan regularly and ensure you are spending your NDIS budget correctly
  • Make the most of your NDIS Plan with budget management. It can leave you with extra money in your budget
  • Be transparent and discuss what you want to achieve so that your on the same page about your goals and the funding required to achieve those goals
  • Review your plan and know what goals you have achieved and what is left to be achieved.

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